Industrial Waterload, 35 KW Average Power

Industrial Waterload
35 KW Average Power
Model #RQ430-2.4


Unit Specifications

Average Power 8 KW (max) Center Frequency 2.4 GHz
Flanges CPR430F  VSWR 1.10 max
Water Flow 14 GPM
Water Temperature 40º C
Gas Pressure 34 PSIG SF 6 @ Peak Power
Length 13" (330 mm)
Material Guide Body – Aluminum Water Manifold – Brass & Polypropylene
Water Connection Brass Elbows (Two 1/2" MPT – One 3/4" FPT)


This high power water load is designed for average power levels exceeding 10 KW.  The broad band performance of the load exceeds that of ceramic, SLAC type loads.

This waterload is designed for the microwave heating frequency range.