S-Band Distributed 4-Port Waveguide Circulator, 15 MW Peak Power, 70 KW Average Power

S-Band Distributed 4-Port Waveguide Circulator
15 MW Peak Power, 70 KW Average Power
Model #102637D

Unit Specifications

Peak Power 15 MW Center Frequency 2.998 GHz
Average Power 70 KW
Flanges CPR284F VSWR (Port 1) 1.10 max
Required Water Flow 4 GPM @ full 70KW and 35 PSIG maximum input and pressure
Required Water Treatment Deionized Water
Water Temperature 35º & 40ºC (tested and optimized @ 38ºC)
(Port 1 to Port 4)
(Port 1 to Port 3)

>38 db
>32 db
Gas Pressure 35 PSIG SF 6
Weight 135 lbs (61.4 kg)
Length 51" (1303 mm) Insertion
(Port 1 to Port 2)

<0.25 db


This S-Band circulator is useful with new, high average power klystrons for isolating reflection from resonant loads such as accelerators or other similar devices. This circulator is set for the 2.998 GHz frequency, but can be readily optimized for other frequencies, including 2.856 GHz.

Note that every power input, Ports 1, 2, 3 and 4 have enlarged, thick flanges with channels for additional water cooling.  Typically, in isolator applications, a good high power load should be attached to receive the reflected power.

This circulator is broadband, yet has very good narrow band specifications.

S Band 4 Port Circulator 70kw AVG.PDF