S-Band Waterload
30 MW Peak Power, 9 KW Average Power
Model #V284F-3.0, Patent No. 4,516,088

  V284F waterload

Unit Specifications

Peak Power 30 MW Center Frequency 2.998 GHz
Average Power 9 KW (max)  VSWR 1.10 max
Flanges Varian Flat
Water Flow 4 GPM
Water Temperature 50º C
Gas Pressure 34 PSIG SF 6 @ Peak Power
Length 11.5" (292 mm)
Material Guide Body – Aluminum Water Manifold – Brass & Polypropylene
Water Connection Brass Elbows (Parker 45º Flare X-48F-6-6)
Coupling (Type N Female) -60 db @ 3.0 GHz


This water load has the Varian flat flange and a -60 db E-field probe.  As in the R284-3.0, this high power load is very useful for converting a circulator into an isolator.  The broad band performance of the load is especially useful for magnetron applications because it absorbs the spurious signals, as well as the desired fundamental, with equal efficiency.

It is an extremely broadband water load that covers almost the entire bandwidth of the WR284 waveguide.