Specializing in the design and fabrication of high power microwave waveguide components

Research & Development


We’re a curious group and enjoy tackling somewhat challenging problems. We spend most of our development energies working with our customer to address system performance or packaging requirements. This focus is the cornerstone of the organization’s efforts, and our can-do attitude permeates how the entire staff takes on challenges.

Over the years, our team has combined their years of knowledge and experience to come up with solutions that can improve the use of components widely used in the industry.  A recent example is our S-Band Pulse Power Switcher.  Along with our existing distributed three-port circulator, this component increases the output power variability of high pulse power magnetrons.

We’re always working on a new idea – with another announcement soon.  Most importantly, our team is always looking for new ways to improve the performance of our existing products, or thinking about new ways of viewing our customers’ systems’ performance and packaging requirements.

What you see here on the site is the end result of those efforts.  What you don’t see is what happens here in the facility.  We spend some time talking (but not too much) and more time working.  That includes taking an idea, designing it, making it and testing it.  Most people refer to this as “research and development”, but we all know it’s plain old-fashioned work; lots of trial and some error – until we get it right.

We value the knowledge and experience that our customers’ technical staff brings to the development process.  It’s great to work with such talented people.