S-Band Distributed 3-Port Isolator Assembly
8 MW Peak Power, 8 KW Average Power
Model #102647NP-S

Unit Specifications

Peak Power8 MWCenter Frequency2.998 GHz
Average Power8 KW
FlangesCPR284FVSWR (Port 1)1.10 max
Water Flow3 GPM (minimum)
Required Water TreatmentDeionized Water
Water Temperature35º & 40ºC (tested & optimized at 38ºC)
(Port 2 to Port 1)

>33 db
Gas Pressure 35 PSIG SF 6
Length18.8" (478 mm)Insertion
(Port 1 to Port 2)

<0.30 db
Weight24 lbs. (10.9 Kg)


This Isolator Assembly consists of the EM Design Distributed 3-Port Circulator, without sampling probes, and an EM Design Waterload, Model #R284-3.0.

The straight input Port 1 is on the left side and the output Port 2 is shown on the right side of the photograph.  The power reflected at Port 2 is absorbed by the load on Port 3.

The high power S-Band circulator is based on EM Design’s unique patented concept and is especially attractive for isolating reflection from resonant loads such as accelerators or other similar devices.  This isolator assembly is set for the 2.998 GHz frequency, but can be readily optimized for other frequencies, including 2.856 GHz.  Water cooling is connected in series so that the flow is conveyed through the circulator and the attached load.

S Band 3 Port 8kw AVG NOPROBE.PDF

Patent No. 6,407,646